Saturday, March 22, 2008

That Burns

Today (well, yesterday, technically...) I discovered what happens when you accidentally pour boiling hot tea water on your stomach.

You gasp. And then run to the washroom. And then douse yourself in cold, cold water.

Amazingly, I didn't blister. But my tummy stings when my t-shirt touches it. Oh, that's odd. I'm just starting to notice little red bumps spreading over the burned area...

Anyhoo. All I wanted to do was watch Star Wars, but I had to go and be clumsy. Now it hurts to wear clothes (cha-ching!).

Today was a strange sort of crap shoot. I slept in far too late, made baked beans, cleaned the kitchen, burned my stomach, and went to a wine bar. I'm writing to you now after having consumed something called a "pink framboise," a chocolate martini, and a few sips of bourbon. What, in the name of fuck, is a "pink framboise"? It wasn't even sweet! I feel ripped off.

On a related note, I feel a sudden need to pass out. Like, now.

Off I go.


Laura said...

My god - you make me laugh...not at you...with you...over "pink framboise" and all other things fun in your life...hope you recover soon!

Andrea... said...

Glad I still amuse you, Laura. I seem to have recovered...