Friday, March 14, 2008

Anywhere But Here

My Better Half and I decided to emerge from hibernation last night, and opted for a particularly awesome dinner at the Manx.

It was packed, as usual, but we figured it was worth the wait. I'm glad we stuck around. My curried chickpea and tofu burger was heavenly, although it was so huge that I couldn't fit it in my mouth. I realize there are about a million "but you have such a big mouth!" jokes that could go here, but seriously folks: this burger was gigantic. Enormous. Hugemongous. It took some strategic planning to get that thing eaten. (I managed, of course)

Because it was so packed, there were a bunch of people standing around, waiting for a table. One such gentleman was leaning on a post beside where my BH and I were sitting. I looked over and giggled when I realized he had managed to put his ass an inch or so away from my BH's shoulder. I then suggested a little too loudly that my BH nuzzle his bum a little to get him to move. I'm not sure if the guy heard me, but he did move, and I was immediately stuck with his ass an inch away from MY shoulder. Oh, the hilarity. I saw my BH reaching for the camera, and so I leaned in super close and pretended to take a bite. The camera went 'click!' and the server, who had appeared at exactly the wrong time, said "ummm.... your tea is here?". The man was quickly seated, so I didn't have a chance to pretend to pleasure him with my potato wedge. Booo. My plans were foiled! Bastard tea!

I have been asked to host a last-minute songwriting circle at the Black Sheep on Easter Sunday. I gladly accepted, partly because I have a glimmer of hope that the French bulldog will be there again, but also because I had so much fun at the last songwriters' circle. I'm not sure how many people will come out, but I'm looking forward to it either way. You're all invited, of course, if you're not too busy eating chocolate with your respective families. It's an early show, starting at 4pm, and it will be a laid back sort of gig. I hope to decorate the tables with Easter eggs.

I've already started collecting boxes and packing up our things to move. The move is a long ways away, and we have yet to actually find an apartment... But those are details that I have chosen to ignore. It feels good to pack. It's like I'm sending winter back where it belongs... Anywhere but here.


zoom said...

Ha ha - I like the image of you taking a chunk out of his bum. Post the pic!

As for winter, it's free to go - AFTER it deposits those record-breaking 33 centimeters on us.

Andrea... said...

The pic is pretty blurry, but I'll see what I can do!

Oh, right. What's the point in all this snow if we can't break a record? Right?

Jo Stockton said...

I agree with Zoom! Post the photo!