Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This time change has hit me hard. It's only an hour, but it's an hour I needed. I've been dragging myself around town, all dry-eyed and yawny. I can't seem to shake my old schedule. It's been worse for my Better Half, who has a wonky sleep schedule as it is. We have both been feeling pathetic all week.

Yesterday was my first Insanely Fun Drum Lesson. Mostly because we stopped reading music and tapping out rhythms on the drum pad, and moved on to using the toms, snare, high hat and kick drum. FUN. I can't wait until I have a drum set of my very own. We had one packed away at the house, but the snare was missing. And I ask you: what use is a set without a snare? Not much use at all. Unless you like to play snare-less drums.

My spot on Bandwidth is morphing into something even more exciting. I'm going to be part of a "banjo-mentary," which examines the resurgence of banjo music in Ontario. I made no bones about the fact that I am not necessarily a *good* banjo player, but they didn't seem to mind because it's still one of my main songwriting tools. They'll be playing a few of my songs, as well as some interview clips and one of the songs from the live show. It will air on the 22nd, for those of you who want to tune in.*

My housemate has been trying to usher in the spring by putting fresh flowers around the house. It's refreshing and pleasant, but winter's not fooled. This morning I found a hammock buried under one of the massive snowbanks outside my house. Sounds like a slap in the face to me.

*For the record, it's been a bit trippy speaking to Alan Neal on the phone. I keep wanting to say, "Wait! I know that voice! You're Alan Neal!" Like the time Shelagh Rogers came into my old store and laughed... And the whole place went quiet. Because everybody knew that laugh, and we were all trying to sneak a peek.


stegan said...

Oh no! I'll be dancing my butt off at a wedding in Florida on the 22nd! Any chance it'll be archived?

For the record, as far as I'm concerned- it's not a drum set without a snare.

Andrea... said...

I'm not sure if they archive the Bandwidth shows... But I'll try to find out. I think dancing your butt off at a wedding (especially somewhere sunny) is a great way to spend the day! I am envious.

Glad I have your support on the snare issue.

La Canadienne said...

You got to talk on the phone with Alan Neal! You're too cool.

I am such a CBC fangirl. Which obviously makes me super cool.