Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunny Day

I really was on Bandwidth yesterday. That really happened. For reals. Holy shit!

The host(s) spent more time than I expected chatting about my music, which was kinda neat. And they played two and a half songs, which is more than I could ever ask for. It's funny, because even though I sing soprano most of the time, my speaking voice is pretty low. That was an odd contrast to hear blasting through my speakers. Did anyone catch the clip from the Elmdale? Hear that crowd? Tell me that's not insanely loud!

My stomach burn has mysteriously healed itself. Hopefully I don't replace it with another random burn today. I'm trying to stay low key this morning; just a bit of cleaning and rehearsing in preparation for the gig this afternoon. Judging from the view outside my window, it's another gorgeous day. Hopefully that will lure some people out to hear the music.

Happy Easter everyone! I know a lot of you are home visiting your families... May your day be filled with chocolate and... Chocolate.


Shawna said...

You amazing lady.

love Shawna

Laura said...

Happy Easter! Hope the show went well. You sounded great on the radio!!! CHEERS!!

Jessica said...

Wonderful job on the radio! You're a natural :)

Andrea... said...

Thanks guys!

La Canadienne said...

So, Andrea, I was just on itunes (like a good little consumer teenager) and I say that Canada Live is the featured podcast right now, which means when you're on it, lots of people will download it! How cool it THAT?

I don't think you even need to be excited. I am excited enough for the both of us.