Monday, March 24, 2008

Call Me a Biscuit

The Black Sheep gig was lovely.

A bunch of people came who I had never met, but who knew my songs. That fucked with my brain a little. I kept thinking, "But I must know them somehow. Why else would they be here?" I don't think I've quite wrapped my brain around this whole solo musician thing. (But I really do think I knew them somehow)

Black Sheep shows are always nice, but playing on a sunny Sunday afternoon is especially pleasant. Lucy the pug came and hung out with me, but much to my dismay, Wilbur the Frenchie wasn't there. I made a mental note to bring my future bulldog up to Wakefield on a day when both Lucy and Wilbur are there. They will drool on each other and hump the air, no doubt. Then I will have a heart attack of CUTE and die a happy girl.

There were lots of kids at the show this time, and I was glad I brought along so many chocolate eggs (I'm sure the parents weren't thanking me afterwards though.... That's a lot of sugar for a few small people). Jamie Anderson drove up from South Carolina to play the gig, and she was a huge hit with the kiddies. I especially liked her song "When Cats Rule the World," and her brilliant spoof, "I Wanna Be a Straight Guy." She made some of the straight guys in the room question their most-cherished dude routines, I'm sure. She also spoke with a delicious drawl, and made the whole room say, "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit."* Even the kids repeated it. I was impressed.

This is the last day of my Easter vacation, and I have been loving every second of it. Four days is perfect. Three is a tease. I feel like I actually managed to catch up on some much-needed sleep, spicy curries, quality time with my Better Half, and Star Wars on VHS. Isn't that what long weekends are all about?

* I went and looked this up to see if it's a real Southern saying. Turns out it is. Good lord.


La Canadienne said...

Every day is about Star Wars.

Oh! Oh! That makes me think of the improv movie (you'll understand why once you've seen it). We should hang out and watch it sometime. I'll bring popcorn! When have you got nothing to do?

Andrea... said...

Hehe... Nothing to do...

Only YOU could tie Star Wars in with improv.