Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Waking Up

Instead of doing the responsible thing and eating our leftovers, my Better Half and I ordered Thai food last night. Oh jeez, it was good. Sometimes it's okay to get fancy take-out. It's one of those decadent, soul-replenishing things that needs to be done, especially at the end of a long winter.

We already have appointments to see some apartments, even though it's really, really too soon for any of that. Still, it's been a while since we've had to look for places to live. We may as well see what's out there.

As I theorized, many of my friends who got married and bought houses last year are now pregnant. It's sort of strange to watch... It's like some crazy nesting domino effect. Still, it's sort of fun. While I have zero desire to have a kid right now, I'm quite happy to play with other people's cute babies. In the meantime, I'll try my luck at successfully wiping the drool off my bulldog's face. Much more my speed, and no diapers are involved.

I'm gearing up for a very full weekend. I have managed to plan a million and one things in the space of two days, and dang, it's going to be a little nuts. After many months of hibernating though, I think I can manage it. You know what I can't wait for? Luke Doucet at Barrymore's. I love that man. Love. Him.

After work today, I went and bought the first Harry Potter book in French, as well as a French-English dictionary. I am hopeless with my French verbs, and I figure if I start reading more, I'll increase my chances of not butchering my phrases. Should be exciting.

I would write more, but having read over this post in one bleary gaze, I'm not sure I could save the poor thing if I tried. So, goodnight.... Or as my Better Half said this morning, "It's okay, I don't need to wake up, I have a phone, my phone, I have it, don't worry. No waking up."


Shawna said...

Who is pregnant???

It's Ottawa, I tell you. It's like it's what you DO there.

Nobody I know here, outside of random work aquaintances, are getting married, housed, and knocked up...

My love is for you, in any case.


ps: Food coming to one's door is pretty much the most exciting thing ever. I can never do it since I never have money, but sometimes I'm at other people's homes and takeout is's just so...exciting.

Laura said...

Great idea to read in French...that is what I need to do...I just completed my latest french course and the prof said that is the way to go...but alas, I have no time...too much spare time spent blogging...maybe we shuld blog in French?!?!?!?!

A. & J. said...

That's such a good idea to read something interesting in french. I think I may try that some time.

Thanks for the tip.

XUP said...

Pfff - the only really good way to brush up on your French is to spend a few months in Paris

La Canadienne said...

Good on you for working on french, but I suggest trying something that's written in french first -- translations are notoriously written in the hardest french EVER (oh the joys of early french immersion). I could recommend a super fun book or two if you want :)

Andrea... said...

Shawna: Who ISN'T pregnant? But seriously, I'm glad to hear this is an Ottawa phenomenon. Maybe I'm stuck in a Toronto brain space.

Laura: If I blogged in French, I would kill off my readership one incorrectly conjugated verb at a time. But if I spent all my blogging time reading French books.... My French would be flawless!

A&J: My French teacher suggested it... And it's a fun way to learn.

XUP: Perhaps that's one of those things I should be planning for down the road. I mean, pourquoi pas? Heh.

LC: This Harry Potter book is easy peasy so far. I usually read French political magazines, so I'm used to something a little harder... It's like candy for my brain!

Marie-Adèle said...

Aren't the translated names in Harry Potter hilarious? I once tried discussing the books with a francophone coworker, but I couldn't stop laughing at all those silly names coming out of her mouth, then I had to figure out what she was talking about (Poudlard? Cognards? Who? What?!). XD

Not that the English ones sound serious, necessarily, it's just that in French, they sound somehow much more childish. Then again, I don't know how else the translator could have gone about it...

Anyway, happy reading! I wish I could suggest similar French titles, but I never read much in French until a couple of years ago.