Monday, March 17, 2008


I ate too much for dinner and then took a hot bath. Holy bloated. I feel like a whale. It's a little awkward. Moving around is haaard.

Instead of taking a walk to help me digest, I am embracing my whale self. Have you ever seen a human-sized whale in reindeer pajamas? It's quite a sight, I assure you.

Earlier, when I was perusing some of my favourite food blogs, I came across this amazing site. It's like someone wrote a food blog just for me (minus the meat)! It's dedicated to seasonal Ontario food, and dang, I wish I had found this site back in November. Because I get weekly deliveries from Life Organic, I end up with a lot of seasonal food. Sometimes an abundance of root vegetables can be overwhelming when you keep getting more week after week. The recipes on this blog are enough to send me into seasonal food heaven!

I'm particularly excited about:

Making my own pickles

Oatmeal in a rice cooker

Mushroom soup

Lentil loaf

Sweet potatoes with spicy garlic ginger sauce

I'm going to roll myself downstairs and read J-Pod. Night y'all.


Aggie said...

I bought a jar of really good homemade ketchup today that had chunks of fruit and all kinds of goodness in it, and it inspired me, too. I thought to myself, "I can make stuff, put it in jars, put a ribbon around it, and give it to people -- or even just hoard it"! Now you've got me thinking about pickles...

Andrea... said...

I'll admit that the thought of actually *making* preserves intimidates me, but I still want to learn! Even if it's just to make pickles. It would be worth it.

Tiana said...

Thanks for the link Andrea, that site is great!

Aggie - Where did you get the ketchup? I've been looking for some but haven't found any...not that I've been making special trips or anything...

Aggie said...

Tiana. I got yesterday's homemade ketchup in a Montreal grocery store, but I have also purchased delicious homemade ketchup at the Wild Oat at Bank and Fourth.

Frances said...

Ohhhh - recipes! - and ones I will miss out on trying now that I'm not lingering in the kitchen 24-7. Thanks for the link, sweetness (just like those sweet potato ginger things). You rock.