Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Red Candle

Due to some confusion and a last minute change of plans, I have ended up being *slightly* turned around for this evening / weekend. Instead of myself, Jeff and Brian playing the gig, we've got myself, Jeff, and Pam, Jeff's lovely wife (and my housemate). We're going to pretend that we've had enough time to practice, and it's going to be flawless. Yeah.

Did that sound unconvincing? Sorry. YEAH!!!

I've also neglected to make proper plans with my friends in Montreal, so I have no idea who I'm going to visit and what I'm going to do. Luckily, I'll be in a nice city, so I could probably wander around for two days straight and have a great time. Still. I'm a bit of a planner. I like to do these things ahead of time. Makes me all twitchy when I've got an open slate.

The forecast calls for snow and rain showers. Bastards! Guess I'll just have to hide out in Simon's with all those cute sweaters.

My Better Half can't come to the show, because he's in the midst of exams. He's been dropping hints about how he's going to spend the weekend while I'm gone.

"I'm throwing a rave in the house."

"I am going to eat an entire pizza, and then order another one. Then I'm going to have dessert."

"I am going to eat a big red candle."

"Are you attached to this (piece of pottery)? Because I'm throwing a rave, and it may get broken."


Mysteriously, "I'm going to study my cute ass off for those exams" has been missing from the conversation... But I'm sure that's just a given. Right?

Montreal's Mike FM radio, 105.1 FM, is airing an interview with me today. We recorded it last week, and I hope it turned out okay. I still feel a little funny when I'm not the one hosting the radio show.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog while I'm away, so I'm sending good weekend vibes out to all of y'all. May you not be snowed upon.


XUP said...

Peace and Love, woman. Have a splendid time in Montreal and maybe it's not snowy and rainy there. Maybe it will be lovely, lovely spring -- it could happen, right?

zoom said...

Have fun Andrea - knock 'em around. (I was going to say knock 'em dead but that seems a little excessive, eh?)

Shawna said...

Tu es belle.

Montreal t'aime.

Moi aussi.