Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Very Own Potato

Other than the fact that I totally messed up my tea date, it's been a good day. Know why? Because I got to see pictures of my bulldog puppy. All tiny and perfect. A little, tiny, weeny, wrinkly potato of a dog. I'm going to have my very own wheezing, drooling potato. I'll take it for walks. Then it will get tired and want to go home. Potatoes do that.

Plus, I saw three bunnies AND had sushi for lunch.

Plus plus, I had homemade mac and cheese for dinner that made my tummy smile.

So messing up my tea date? I can deal with that. Because nothing says "sorry I got confused" like spelt cookie treats at the next successful meet-up. Am I right? I'll start baking tonight.


La Canadienne said...

Drag your potato past my house to visit me! I'm so excited.

Jessica said...

When do you get your little potato?! That's beyond exciting.

Also, I should be in town the last weekend of April, if you're around!

Andrea... said...


Jessica: YES! Oh, also, June.

Go potato!

zoom said...

I'm vicariously thrilled about Spud!

You've been so patient and everything. And now he's REAL. Post the pictures!