Monday, June 09, 2008

Real Bad

I've had a low-level, throbbing headache all day. These headaches are usually caused by food sensitivities, so I was wracking my brain to figure out what I had eaten that was causing the reaction.

Hours later, I realized that my headache wasn't being caused by food... It was being caused by a major lack of sleep. Sticky heat aside, I fell asleep well after midnight last night and got up just before 5:30 am to take the puppy out. Then I couldn't get back to bed. That's not enough rest for me, and I am paying for it now. Fuckity fuck. My poor aching head.

Aside from my lack of sleep, I've been having organizational daydreams lately. Some people daydream about vacations or winning the lottery. I daydream about my impending move and the fun I'll have organizing everything into a coherent system. I don't want to do this at my current house. I want to hide from the mess. The hideous, out-of-control mess. So I guess my organizational spirit is gearing up for the challenge of a new space. Excellent.

It's hard to express how badly I need a nap, but I'll try anyways: I NEED AN EFFING NAP. REAL BAD. SOOO BAD.

By the way, when I'm this tired, I am exempt from having to form complete sentences or using correct grammar.

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M-A said...

I feel for you on the moving bit, as I'm busy packing boxes. Luckily, since I only have about 19 square metres to my name, it's not so bad.

And my new place? Nearly twice as big! So when you guys manage to come to Japan (and my lease is for 2 years, so...), you can have your OWN room in my apartment! :D